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Dr Muhamad Shah

Assistant Professor
I am an experience General Surgeon with interest and qualification in Laparoscopic  surgery .
I did FCPS from College of  Physicians and Surgeon Pakistan  in 2015 .

My main field of interest and expertise lies in minimal invasive Surgery and especially in Trauma Cases. We have attained eminence experience in the field of Trauma Cases as we regularly managed Trauma Cases.

I attended multiple workshops on BLS,PTC and ATLS.


Ten Years Experience Worked in Different departments like urology IKD, In charge accident and emergency HMC and presently assistant professor surgical C unit HMC

Award & Recognitions
  • Shah M, Jan Y, Hussain S. Comparison of efficiency of low pressure VS standard pressure pneumoperitoneum during Lap Chole. International Ophthalmology update July-Sep 2014; 12 (3): 209-
  • Shah M, Jan Y, Khattak W, Hussain S. Role of post-operative antibiotics after Appendectomy in non-perforated Appendicitis. Int. Ophth update Oct-Dec 2017; 15 (4): 420-
  • Inam A, Shah M, Shahzadi S, Jan Y. Comparison of Single VS Double gloving in protection against intra-operative needle stick injuries. International Ophthalmology update Oct-Dec 2017; 15(4): 409-
  • Iqbal Z, Shah M, Khattak I, Hussain S, Khan SA, Ahmad S. To determine effectiveness of lateral internal sphincterotomy in the treatment of chronic anal fissure in terms of recurrence. KJMS July-Dec 2013; 6 (2): 289-
  • Jan Y, Shah M, Hussain S, Waqas, Din A. Outcome of early Cholecystectomy in acute mild biliary pancreatitis. RMJ Rawal Medical Journal July-Sep 2014; 39 (3): 281-
  • Faridoon S, Shah M, Hadi A, Ahmad M, Jan Y. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy VS Mini open Cholecystectomy in terms of post-operative pain. International Ophthalmology update Oct-Dec 2017; 15 (4): 448-
  • Jan Y, Shah M, Hussain S, Waqas, Din A. Outcome of Percutaneous drainage of Breast abscess under local anaesthesia. KJMS Sep-Dec 2015; 8 (3): 438-
  • Comparison between stapled & open Hemorrhoidectomy. International Ophthalmology update July-Sep 2018;  
  • Jan Y, Waqas, Shah M, Khan S, Hussain S. Wound infection incidence with gangrenous or perorated appendicitis between primary closure & delay primary closure. KJMS Jan-June 2014; 7 (1): 49-
  • Huusain S, Waqas, Shah M, Jan Y. Comparison of frequency of anastomotic leak in early VS delay oral feeding after elective colostomy closure. KJMC Sep-Dec 2015; 8 (3): 351-
  • Jan Y, Waqas, Hussain S, Shah M. Choice of operative technique for emergency cases of sigmoid volvulus & its outcome. International Ophthalmology update July-Sep 2014; 12 (3): 201-

IBP Room # 13 HMC Peshawar

0314 2929714



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