Mission Statement:

To recruit, retain and develop quality staff which effectively supports the Human Resource development mission of the MTI- HMC, and to provide Human resources development services and assistance which consistently meet the standards of professional excellence and effectiveness.


Human Resources department of MTI-HMC provides a number of services to the hospital including Employee Relations, Recruitment services, Diary and dispatch of official letters and various Resources, including documents and forms and policy information. The HR Department is currently being reorganized and strengthened to meet the needs of a dynamic and constantly changing HR and health care environment

Sections of Human resources include:

  1. Recruitment section:

Recruitment department contains two sub sections for smooth and timely running of processes;

  1. Pre Recruitment Section: The Pre Recruitment Section is responsible to support overall all recruitment process, and for ensuring consistency in processes and procedures i.e. equal opportunity monitoring. Including this, the main job of this section is to verify the documents/certificates of all newly/existing/Ex.  Employees to make system better and transparent.


  1. Post Recruitment Section: The Post Recruitment Section is responsible for the processing of all application received to HR department regarding all employees matters i.e. Arrival/Departure/transfers/ retirement, Leave application, Disciplinary actions, NOC issuance etc.


  1. Training and Development:

Training and development has been another area of high priority where Human Resource team of MTI-HMC has worked in tandem with other Human Resource responsibilities.

 In order to develop a culture of continuous learning & development, various customized in house trainings are conducted for technical & nontechnical employees. Main focus of such trainings is always on inducing core organizational values in work ethics


  1. Human Resource Management Information system section:

Human resources management information system (HRMIS) is the computer software intended for simplification and acceleration of HR management process. Due to this advantage more and more organizations apply HRMIS.

HRMIS section of MTI-HMC maintains the different modules of human resources including Biometrics registration, Attendance reports, Staff Statement, Employee Profile, Leave Record, and issuance of hospital RFID card.

The main purpose of this section is to ensure timely and accurate delivery of required information related to staff information pertaining to attendance report and biometrics registration.


  1. Diary & Dispatch section:

This section indicates all steps that requires to process incoming and outgoing official mail/correspondence in MTI-HMC.


  1. Diary section: this section checks the received credential/application of the applicant, signature of the applicant afterwards, record the documents and then stamp the documents and these are kept in order/manner and forward to Senior Manager HR/Administrative coordinator/Hospital director, accordingly for further necessary decision/approval.


  1. Dispatch section: this section distributes all circulars/letters to addressee within the hospital territory and outside hospital as well with proper allotting the dispatch number.


  1. House Job section:
  1. Staff
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